Should you always tell the truth? Or is it alright to lie once in awhile?

And if you lie will you be branded with a mark for everyone to see?

Lotte is six years old. Her big sister, Merete, is twelve. One day Merete picks Lotte up from the kindergarten instead of their mother and Lotte hears Merete tell someone a lie as they are riding the trolley. Mom and Dad don’t really want to talk about it and Lotte feels lonely and confused.

But then Lotte receives a visit from the head of alfs, Alfredo and through him Lotte discovers that grown-ups don’t always tell the truth.

”There are white lies, straight lies and then there is cheating. You can hardly smell a white lie and it isn’t as bad as a straight lie. Cheating can be both one or the other,” Alfredo explains.

Whoever whispers Lies: A Tall Tale from the Days When There Were Still Trolleys was published by Forenede Udgivere A/S in 1994.

Illustrations by Heléne Hernflo, howcom


A Small Lie
”There is both an educational and  moral aspect to this children’s story, but not more than there ought to be. In other words, it provides a good basis for a talk between children and parents or grandparents about cheating, lies and the truth. The book is suitable for reading aloud.