is a poetry monologue about being close to a person who has a disease. In the poetry monologue I have given a platform and the main character role to the loved one who often doesn’t get the necessary space to express his/her reality in the presence of the ailing person. 

Over 750, 000 Danes have a loved one with serious health issues and would probably be  able to recognize the following:  

”I am no one, my name is Loved One.”    

”Friends call me and ask about you.”

”To embrace you and embrace the fact that you can’t embrace me.” 

”I am next to you, so close that I could touch you, I can’t reach you.”  

”It is hard being one who is caring for two.”  

Birte Kont has a special skill for describing that is unsaid between people .”

Michael Svennevig

During the festival “Where the Rainbow Ends” an excerpt of the monologue was performed on august 11. 2020 by Lise Kamp Dahlerup at Global Art Gallery in Vanløse.